about me

Who am I? a healthier eater with a major sweet tooth. I can only descibe it as ironic.

I recently started blogging at the inspiration of other blogs I read multiple times a day. Instead of talking too much about my food cravings, browsing for the ultimate recipes to create, and thinking too much about eating, I have decided to let my family and friends have a break from me, and give the world a glance at my life’s passion.  

My number one- Trying to make the world a little healthier by bringing real recipes right at your fingertips. I try to eat low amounts of processed foods and high amounts of real, unprocessed food. My key-start with the ground. Whatever comes off the earth can only be good for us, right? Use fresh foods as the main component of your meals to help keep the calories low and your nutrition high.

My number two- Everyone needs to splurge on some foods now and then. I have no reservations about this- Life is too short to not eat Dessert at least once a day!Forbidding yourself from eating anything will only make it that much harder to actually commit to it. Just eat a little bit greener, a little bit smaller to feel a little bit better for sneaking that extra bite of dessert! Enjoy who you  are, how your are, and feel confident about what enters your body.

My eyes are peeled to bring the freshest and most delicious tastes to your mouth.


3 responses to “about me

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  2. Dear Jenna,
    I was nominated for an Illuminating Blogger Award, and would like to pass this torch to you, who is deserving of such appreciation.
    Humbly, I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award.
    Link> http://faestwistandtango.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/illuminating-blogger-award/
    Enjoy! Fae. 🙂

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