‘It’s Greek to me’

Hello Blog World; it has been a while Smile. Since the start of school, I have been on homework mode and never seem to want to do anything else besides relax. But I have relaxed too long now, and will get back to work!

Going back to Saturday, September 15th, my family and I drove up to Roanoke to the Greek Festival I had been dying to go to. There was a Greek market, Dancing, and homemade Traditional Greek Food. But mostly, we went for the food, as did most everyone else there.

We wandered around checking what the blue and white tents had to offer, before deciding to hop at the back of the looonnggg food line. 093094

I stood in the Gyro line; my parents in the Buffet line. I grabbed a table just in time as they finished and joined me. We bought two Gyros, but only ended up eating one.

095Basically, my mom and dad each got a tray; both had Souvlaki (Pork Kebabs) and Greek Salads. On the tray below, we all shared Moussaka, “Hearty casserole with layers of eggplant, potatoes, meat sauce and cream sauce”


The pork was perfectly tender, which is amazing due to the amount they had to cook. The peppers and onions well-charred. Yum. Green Beans with onions, tomatoes, and spices, Fasolakia, tasted out of this world good. I think they added allspice (or of the sort) that made the dishes very warm and comforting.


Also, we sampled the Pastichio, casserole with layers of macaroni and meat sauce, topped with a cream sauce. It was so rich and heavy! I preferred the Moussaka, whereas my parents, the Pastichio.


Just because we can only get Greek food once a year, Grape leaves, Spanakopita (feta and cheese inside Filo) and Tiropita, (blend of cheeses in Filo) as sides. The pastries were too rich for my taste, but were very tasty.  In the back of the picture with the grape leaves was our dessert, Galaktobouriko. I have no idea how to pronounce it, but basically was a custard torte topped with sweet Filo crust very similar to Baklava. (Baklava being labor intensive, was too pricey, so we chose this instead. Actually, my parents liked it better; I’m still sweet for Baklava myself.)


Having ran a looong way (14.3 uphill) that morning training for the local 10-Miler, this hearty food never tasted soo good! I think we might be going back next year!


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