In Salad Heaven

Sunday night, my parents and I ‘crowded’ ‘round the table for a long-lost Sunday Night Dinner. They used to be mandatory, forcing all us kids to be home and to have family time. But times have changed, and kids have grown older. The house is dwindling down. Soon, this chick will fly from the nest too-


Dinner 8-26-2012 006

But I can’t deny I will miss home-cooked meals.Dinner 8-26-2012 005

Out on the grill, my dad charred up some steaks and left a perfectly pink middle. Back in the house, my mom and I constructed some salads as a base and a red wine vinegar dressing; mixed greens, basil, fresh tomatoes, with my addition of peaches and HONEY goat cheese from Trader Joe’s. It is so divine! The tanginess that makes a goat cheese is complimented by the perfect, ever so slight touch of honey. There is much depth to it with the tart and floral elements. Dinner 8-26-2012 008

I don’t think there could be a better combination than goat cheese with peaches, tomatoes, and basil. My mouth is watering right now!

We also picked up some Take and Bake bread, which for this kind of bread, is my favorite. Crunch and munch.

Dinner 8-26-2012 009Dinner 8-26-2012 011

The best part about the meal was the fact we had leftovers. Straight into the lunch box it went! Dinner 8-26-2012 002


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