Lovely Lunches

Lunch 8.25.12 002

I’ve been on my own for lunches for two days now, but that doesn’t infringe upon my creativity skills.


I served myself leftover quinoa with tomatoes, feta, capers, basil, and lemon.Lunch 8.25.12 016

Lunch 8.25.12 011

As the protein, a fried egg over mixed greens which were just for the nutritional benefit, not because I was craving any.    

Lunch 8.25.12 010

You know an egg is perfectly cooked when some yolk runs out.Lunch 8.25.12 018

I had fun eating with my super fancy fork.

Lunch 8.25.12 015

The lunch was perfectly light and tasteful, but maybe a little too light because I ended up nibbling on some crackers. Still yummy!


Today, I wasn’t very hungry around 12:30, but decided I needed to eat then so I wouldn’t go to Hot Yoga on a full stomach. That would be no fun.

Lunch 8.26.2012 025

I only got about 4 bites in before I started to get full and ended up saving some. Tuna Salad (that we randomly got from our Rock n’ Roll race bags) made with greek yogurt and grainy mustard with cucs, onion, roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives, relish, feta, and lemon juice.

Lunch 8.26.2012 030

And some bottom-of-the-bag crackers from Whole foods

Lunch 8.26.2012 021           that were a little too small for dipping. Lunch 8.26.2012 034

Even though I ate early, I could still felt food in my stomach during class. Once I came home though, my appetite was back. Off to make some dinner!


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