New things


Mission accomplished. After running around town, I found some great new things I was eager to use. Check out that swanky new bowl!


Inside the pistachio-colored ceramic (item #1), Butternut Squash soup from Trader Joe’s sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg for extra flavor.










What’s even better is the spoon! Have you ever seen one like it before? I fell in love with the handle at first sight, and it so happened to be on sale….item #2


On the side, grilled cheese with bacon and tomato. Just one slice of bacon adds so.much.flavor.


A mason jar mug- drinking just got fancy. Thumbs up for #3.


And to ROUND it out on item #4: Gingersnaps frosted with homemade Cream Cheese icing (from a previous cooking catastrophe) and drizzled with molasses. Maybe next time I will stick to just the icing because the molasses was a bit overpowering.




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One response to “New things

  1. Jenna: I just love any form of tomato sandwiches. Dont have a Pistachio colored soup bowl; however we will be trying the butternut squash. Love ya, from Farmland Rd, NC

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