Out for the Afternoon

Not much going on today in the Angell household. (This isn’t typical or anything 😉 ) To start the day, I rolled out of bed this morning at 6:40 knowing I had to run….(DREAD had already set in the night before). So before I even had time to wake-up, I put my running gear on and headed outside. To my surprise, the air was cool and refreshing, not as humid as it has been. But I have to say, the run wasn’t my best. I didn’t have an ipod, even though I usually don’t,  but 8 miles is about my limit without SOME sort of distraction. It did feel  nice near the end as it was only 8:10 when I walked inside.

After stretching for a bit and about to hit breakfast, I glanced on my Facebook wall to see that my sister had just checked in at the beginning of her run (that Nike app for Ipods). Apparently, whenever someone ‘Likes’ or comments, you hear it through your headphones. And Of COURSE I had to say something witty, so she would laugh and know it was me!!

Life is short; Running just makes it seem longer.

Could that have been said any better?!! I hope she heard it and agreed 🙂

No pictures of my meals have been photographed today because frankly they weren’t that appetizing. Remember how I said there wasn’t much going on? Well, that has led me to the great outdoors, where I found some rather ordinary interesting things. Hope you enjoy.


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