After dreading a morning run, I got myself out of bed (finally was able to get a long sleep…10 hours!) and put on my tennis shoes to walk outside into cool air. At first it felt nice, but I think the humidity rose as I ran. I had thought about going 8 or maybe even 10 miles this morning, but after the 6 mile, only-hills run the other day, my legs were not up to it. Instead, I ended up going 6.5 miles; a good, solid run.
I got back and was craving some kind of refreshing smoothie; not anything sugar-filled or heavy. Then I remembered the ACAI berry smoothie packets in the freezer!
I had found them at Trader Joe’s a few months back and hadn’t used but one! The Acai berry is a superfood (high in antioxidants) that only grows in the Amazon Rainforest. I especially like this because I have been to the Amazon before!!

After looking on the package and on a few online recipes, I came up with the PERFECT combination for a savory, sweet, and refreshing smoothie.

1 Acai Berry Packet
1 cup Silk Almond Milk, Unsweetened
1 Tablespoon Honey
1/2 Frozen Banana
Blend all ingredients together in blender, or Magic Bullet.
Top with Granola and Chia Seeds, for extra crunch and nutrition!

I had forgotten, but there was definitely a mild cocoa flavor behind the Acai. It was nice without all the sugar chocolate usually brings.

With all these SUPERFOODS, I am hoping they will give me the superpowers to do all the chores that are on my list.
But to leave you with a happy note, some pictures from a delightful evening on the porch.

Murphy with his ears back.

Tucker, and his typical confused look.

Hopefully some inspiration for upcoming Art projects.

Now, I need to stretch. Ouch!


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