Messy and Sticky

A few weeks back, I went online to the CamelBak website to request a new top for my water bottle, because the pull tab had broken off months ago. (Thanks to my friend who told me about this!) I had forgotten about it, so when a package arrived today with my name on it from the company, I was surprised and excited! Inside: a squeaky clean and new bottle top!

Plus, they sent me the newer kind with the flexible pull-tab that will never break!

I am very impressed with CamelBak for doing this free of charge.

Another surprise- Lunch! My mom stopped by the local Barbecue  restaurant to pick up the 4-person dinner meal. This included Carolina-style Slaw (the red kind- my favorite!), Hush-puppies, and BBQ sandwiches.

When I went to go heat up the Honey for the hush-puppies, I put too much time on the microwave and caused it to bubble over the sides. Oops!  It was a sticky mess. 

From the bag, to the plate,

those puppies hopped right into my mouth! One after the other. There was no time for a picture of the BBQ.

So far, I have organized the Kitchen utensils, the napkin drawer, collaborated all of our Tupperware containers, and did some laundry. Next task on my list- baking some bread! The recipe comes from my absolute favorite blog, KathEatsRealFood, called Oats n’ Seeds bread. I had already mixed up the pre-ferment yesterday, so now I have to knead and bake! Results to come! Ps. This is my first sandwich bread I will have made without a bread machine. Wish me Luck?!


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