A Lady’s Lunch

Before school let out, I knew I had a mission- to have a weekly lunch with my mom. Choosing for me is always the hardest part, and even though this town only has a handful of restaurants, I can never choose. Plus, a few seem to slip my mind when I’m hungry and thinking. So I made a list of all the lunch spots in town. This week, we both agreed on The Farm Basket, a quaint store selling gourmet foods, home goods, and of course, a delicious cafe.
I have already been here a couple of times before irregularly, but my mood for their special sandwich took my vote. Actually, both of our votes- my mom ONLY orders this sandwich, because quite frankly, it is the best!
Introducing, the one and only,
Smoked Turkey and Brie on French baguette
with Fig Jam and Mesclun Greens

The Fig jam makes this sandwich…phenomenal!

a little closer to your mouth!

Complimented by a fresh fruit salad.


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