Eat mor’…Zucchini?

Eat mor’ Chikin- move over!  There is no place for you here. Because I don’t eat chicken, and I haven’t for nine months.

Starting on the first of October 2011, I turned Pescatarian. What were my reasons?

1) Red meat has high amounts of saturated fats (the bad kind)

2) The grotesque, grueling, inhumane butchering process

3) low quality meats

All of these factors led me to a five month commitment to a vegetable filled diet. I still ate seafood though to allow a little leniency at restaurants, a solid source of protein and HEALTHY fats (like Omega 3’s). But after five months, and a foreseeable vacation to my aunt/uncles house in Flordia, I decided it would be best for my health (and easier on my family) to start to eat meat again on a few  conditions:

1) I do not want to be served meat at every single meal

2) when possible, organic meats, and..

2) I still won’t eat Chicken.

Although my appetite for hamburgers and Thanksgiving dinner came back, I still am grossed out by chicken. Why? It holds the largest meat production title in the United States which  to me, means that the quality can often be poor. I’d rather not…

So when we made lunch yesterday, I had to take two when I saw what was on my plate. Was someone trying to trick me?! Doesn’t it look like a chicken breast ontop?

I promise though, its not- it doesn’t even contain meat! Its purely Vegetarian.


(makes 6 sandwiches)

6 Sandwich Thins (I used Italian)

6 slices Swiss cheese

1 tomato, sliced

1 Zucchini, thickly sliced

3 Sweet Banana Peppers, ribbed and cut in half

1 cup Baby Spinach

Garlic Joy



1) Lightly oil a grill pan on the stove or grill and heat over low heat. Grill zucchini slices 3-4 minutes on each side, until tender and browned.

2) Add Banana Peppers in grill pan during last few minutes of cooking the zucchini; grill until browned. Set Zucchini and peppers aside.

3) Spread some Garlic Joy on each side of the sandwich thins.

4) Place  tomato, zucchini, and pepper slices on side of sandwich thin. Top with salt, pepper, and spinach. Add Cheese.

5) Grill sandwiches until cheese is melted and bread becomes toasted.

Lunch is served.

For me, eating a sandwich does not have to include sandwich meat- too many preservatives and added sodium. Instead, I opt for a lighter alternative for lunch, followed by a substantial dinner with a hearty protein, like beef, turkey, or fish. This way, I can make sure my day is well balanced.


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July 12, 2012 · 6:51 pm

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